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Our company Kopuzlar Dis Ticaret A.S. . is one of the biggest shareholder of DESBAS Company, which is the biggest Free Zone of Turkey. Our companyis also in charge with import-export activities of raw materials and chemicals mainly for leather industry. Our main export activity is WET BLUESPLIT business and our main partners are far east companies like China , HK and Taiwan. We have a wide range of product group and huge capacity with a standard quality. You can ask for updated offers from our export department for the products like WET BLUE Whole Hide Splits, Wet Blue Side Splits, Wet blue Shoulder Splits, Wet Blue Double Butt Splits and Wet Blue Belly Splits.


İstanbul Deri ve End. Serbest Bölgesi 111 nolu ada 2 parsel

tel: +90 216 394 12 24 / 5 Hat
fax: +90 216 394 12 29