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These are products that are used in the manifacturing of Counter,Tips and Taco (Heel). They are produced in thicknesses between 1.2 mm-5.00 mm according to use purposes. These products are loved by customers for their convenient density (concentration, vitality), flexibility, being durable for shaving and strong cohesion qualities. Various Leathercraft materials for “Belts and Bags” : These are leathercract materials that have strong resistance to rupture and breaking and that are soft and flexible. These meet various specific demands with their simple or patterned (Crocodile, Lizard Skin, American, Glazed..etc) PATENT LEATHER finishes. They are produced in thicknesses between 0.3mm-3.5 mm. Without finishes they are used in belt production and with finishes they are used as an intermediary material for belts. As decorative materials they meet various demands in the manifacturing of Bags and the coating of Daily Calendars, Folders and Binders. Our “Welt” product that is considered as the primary material of shoes, can be used for welting and insole instead of leather and it also has an application range in Furniture and Automative industries.